Snijeg / Snow


In Bosnia, 1997, only six women, one old man, and a few children live in the war-torn village of Slavno. Their families have been killed – though their bodies were never found – the villagers have created a very special world, one in which the absent are still very much present. One day, two businessmen show up unexpectedly, demanding that the residents leave Slavno in return for money. But when a sudden storm traps them in town, it forces the outsiders to face something bigger than anticipated – the truth.


Director: Aida Begić Produced by: MAMA FILM, ROHFILM, Les Films De L’ Apres-Midi Producer: Benny Dreschel, Karsten Stöter, François D’Artemare, Elma Tataragić Editor: Miralem S. Zubčević Screenwriter: Aida Begić, Elma Tataragić Cinematographer: Erol Zubčević Music: Igor Camo


Principal Cast: Zana Marjanović, Jasna Ornela Bery, Sadžida Setić, Vesna Masić, Emir Hadžihafizbegović Filmography: Debut Feature Film World Sales: Pyramide International

Snijeg/Snow (2008) from Film House on Vimeo.